[IMPORTANT] Border Enforcement Measures and Travel Restrictions due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic – Overseas/International Flights


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Due to the continued spread of the Novel Coronavirus, most countries are restricting and enforcing borders depending on the travel history and the nationality of the traveler.

Travelers are reminded to check entry/transit restrictions and visas of countries they are traveling to.
skyticket shall not be held liable and/or responsible for any circumstances for failures of entries/transits to countries due to immigration or travel restrictions.

───────────── Restrictions for Entry into Japan ───────────── An announcement has been made by the Ministry of Justice (Japan) regarding landing refusal for foreign nationals to curb the spread of the Novel Coronavirus. Foreign travelers without special reasons are restricted from entering Japan for the time being. For more details, please access the webpage of the Ministry of Justice below: http://www.moj.go.jp/EN/nyuukokukanri/kouhou/m_nyuukokukanri01_00003.html
───────────────── Measures Taken to Strengthen Japan Border ───────────────── Travelers returning to Japan must ensure to check the updated border measures. The latest information is available via the webpage of the Ministry of Justice below: http://www.moj.go.jp/content/001316999.pdf
────────────── Quarantines for Travelers to Overseas ────────────── Travelers from Japan, both Japanese and residents in Japan, are reminded that most countries have restricted entries or imposed quarantine measures for entries at all borders. Please check airport websites, updated information of embassies and health institutions of the destination countries before travels. Detailed information can be found via the following link (Ministry of Foreign Affairs): https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001053.html
────────────── Changes of Immigration Rules ────────────── With the strengthening of quarantine systems in most countries, entry restrictions and rules are being tightened and updated daily. Travel documents that previously allowed entries to countries may now be invalid and travelers may be denied entry into countries or boarding a connecting flight. Travelers must ensure to check for updated information with embassies, consulates and health institutions/organizations of the destination countries.
────────── Changes and Refunds ────────── Changes and refunds are subject to and made in accordance with the regulations provided by airlines. Fees for changes and refunds will not be waived if the airlines do not administer such regulations. * Rules and regulations vary depending on the boarding dates, travel routes and airlines * Please check for the latest information that are updated on a daily basis
We apologize for any inconvenience caused during this predicament.
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